Andy Serkis as Iago

Andy Serkis

Reviews of Andy Serkis as Iago in the Royal Exchange Theatre Company's production of Othello:

"Andy Serkis presents one of the most evil, mercurial and diabolically funny characterisations you will ever witness." -- Alfred Hickling, The Guardian North, 18 September 2002

"Serkis's remarkable performance presents us with a terrifying, repugnant picture -- and one that is worryingly familiar to modern eyes. This Iago is a fiercely intelligent, tough-nut squaddie, disguising his malevolence with blokeish affability.  His hatred of Othello is as virulent as it is ludicrous, and Serkis points up the double-edged comedy of Iago's irrational behaviour by delivering his soliloquies with an intimacy that draws the audience into colluding in his scheming." -- Sam Marlow, The Times, 18 September 2002

"Serkis is particularly chilling because he appears to be an impeccably dutiful sergeant on parade -- snapping to attention with a switch under his arm. In his soliloquies, he insinuatingly plays the chummy cockney entertainer with us before cursing the Moor with a hideous scorching energy -- ranting like Adolf Hitler with  a voice like spewing tar." -- K. Bassett, The Independent on Sunday, 22 September 2002

"Andy Serkis is utterly compelling as Iago, one of the great evil-doers of literature, yet one whose precise motives have baffled scholars down through the centuries. Cannily, he makes Iago horrifyingly likeable, squeezing every last bit of humour out of the lines."  -- Kevin Bourke, Manchester Evening News, 17 September 2002

"Andy Serkis dominates in the role of Iago. He flips between crazed ranting and delicate persuasion aimed at the hapless lovelorn Rodrigo, who he enlists in his twisted plan. His highly charged exchanges with Patterson Joseph as Othello, take the audience on a gripping journey, culminating in a moving climax." -- Clarissa Satchell, Bolton Evening News, 17 September 2002

"Andy Serkis blends a comic-book sergeant major with a self-serving villain to give the character of Iago more than the usual share of  dark laughter." -- David Upton, The Lancashire Evening Post, 17 September 2002

"It is the character of Iago on which the play depends, and Andy Serkis dominates from the moment he first appears on stage. Looking and sounding like Del Boy Trotter's nasty twin brother, he spits his venom all over the auditorium, leaving one with the uneasy sense of having been physically assaulted." -- Brian Wilson, 18 September 2002

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