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Extraordinary Rendition

Extraordinary Rendition tells the story of one innocent man who is caught up in the Orwellian nightmare of being 'rendered'.  He is abducted and detained, then subjected to constant questioning.  After that comes the torture.  No reasons are given, nor the right to answer any charges.

'Extraordinary rendition', a phrase that has been called 'euphemism of the year', has come to signify one of the most troubling phenomena of our times.  It involves the dispatch of suspected terrorists to countries that have more relaxed attitudes towards torture than most Western states.  Under the policy of the American government, these detainees do not necessarily have the right to a trial; as one legal expert has put it, 'rendition works on the dark fringes of legality'.

Made on a small budget of just £20 000 (with an added £30 000 for post-production), the movie was filmed at locations around London, and features Andy Serkis as the interrogator.

Screened at the Berkshire International Film Festival, May 16, 2008

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